Ready to upgrade your ride? Sell us your used car and unlock instant cash! At CarSquad, we make selling your vehicle a breeze. Say goodbye to the hassle of listing, negotiating, and dealing with strangers. We provide a streamlined, trustworthy process that puts you in control.

What Is My Used Car Worth?

We take into account the unique aspects of your car, including its mileage, age, overall condition, service history, and any additional features. Our meticulous evaluation ensures that you receive an accurate estimate that reflects your car's current state. You can use our online quote tool to generate an instant offer to buy your car, or stop by our dealership in Katy, TX

Make CarSquad Your One-Stop Shop

Regardless of your current situation, know that our local dealerhip here in Katy,TX is ready to help you through the entire process. You can walk away with a check or put the value of your current vehicle toward your next car, truck, SUV or van from CarSquad

Common Questions

How Do I Sell My Car at a Dealership?

We can provide a quote for many vehicles online, but to complete the sale of your car we'll need to do an appraisal. We'll need the following items to complete your transaction:

  • Valid state-issued photo ID/driver’s license for all registered vehicle owners
  • Valid car title or payoff information
  • Valid vehicle registration
  • All keys, remotes, and accessories

Keep in mind that if the vehicle is titled to more than one person, all parties will need to be present in order to receive payment.Requirements may also differ depending on where your vehicle is registered. For more information, please ask your CarSquad team member.

Does CarSquad Buy Leased Cars?

We may be able to buy your car even if it's from a lease. The details and terms of any individual lease may vary. If you are looking to sell your leased vehicle we recommend contacting a CarSquad team member to discuss options and next steps.

Can I Sell a Car That is Not Paid Off?

You are able to sell a vehicle, even if you still have an outstanding loan balance. However, if the amount you receive for your vehicle is less than the current balance owed on the loan, you will have to pay the difference to your lender.

If you're planning to trade your vehicle in for a different car or truck from CarSquad, we may be able to roll any remaining balance into your next vehicle loan. We recommend discussing the details of your current situation with a CarSquad team member to determine what options are available