Home Delivery

How It Works

Did you ever find a car online for a great deal, or in the right color you've been looking for but it's across the country? If you find the car you're looking for, but aren't near our Katy, Texas location, there's no need to worry. If you live within 50 miles of our dealership, you can benefit from our free car delivery, or if you live outside of the 50-mile range, we can still provide shipping assistance. You'll no longer need to worry about saying no to that ideal car spec you've had your eyes on for a while.

#1 Find the Ideal Make and Model   
 ·         Look through CarSquad's inventory which includes thousands of sedans, trucks, vans, & SUV's to find vehicles that are all priced competitively under retail.  
 ·         Once you find the vehicle that fits what you're looking for, contact us by phone (833 765-3103), email or online chat.  
 ·         One of our experts will take you on a live, virtual tour of the vehicle and help answer any questions you may have.    

#2 Reserve Your Vehicle  
 ·         Once you've narrowed down your choice, submit a $500 deposit to secure the vehicle and move on to the next step.  
 ·         One of our business managers will reach out to discuss your financing options or to provide you with a total out-the-door price.  
 ·         Although it is not mandatory, we will also present you with Extended Service Agreements to ensure you're protected after taking delivery of your vehicle.    

#3 Finalize and Sign  
 ·         You will work with our team to schedule time to have one of our third-party notary companies come to you to sign and complete all the necessary paperwork.   
 ·         Once we receive all of the signatures, funds, down payments, and updated insurance information, we will kick off the next steps of the delivery process.    

#4 Delivery to Your Doorstep  
 ·         CarSquad will go ahead and contact a vehicle carrier to schedule a drop-off time that works for you!  

CarSquad Delivery Program: FAQs

How Does Sales Tax Work?  
All vehicles purchased will be charged applicable state sales tax on the total order. You will pay Texas Sales Tax up to 6.25%. If you trade in a vehicle as part of the transaction, you will pay the motor vehicle tax on the trade difference. The allowance for the motor vehicle traded in is the value of the vehicle and not necessarily the equity in that vehicle. A motor vehicle purchased in Texas for use exclusively outside Texas is exempt from the motor vehicle sales tax.   

What Additional Costs Can I Expect?  
 Remote Certification Fee: one of the following fees may be applied for remote notary or remote identity verification services where applicable:  
    1.     Remote Identity Verification $149 (Texas)  
    2.     Remote Notary Session $149 (Out of State)  
    3.     In-Person Document Signing / Notary Service $249  

What If I Am Not Happy with My Purchase?  
CarSquad proudly stands behind every vehicle we sell. Your satisfaction is so important to us that we offer a 5-day/500-mile exchange policy for added peace of mind.**

What Are My State's Vehicle Safety Requirements?  
Our cars meet Texas's safety requirements. If you live in a state that has different safety requirements, please understand that we cannot pay to make the car you purchase pass your state's requirements. If you live in a colder climate, it is a good idea to have your car checked before a deep freeze as most of our inventory has lived in Texas and is not used to cold weather.  

**For Home Delivery - Simply add applicable sales tax, title, a $150 documentary fee,* or for out of state customers an out of state private tag agency fee of $229* and a remote certification fee of $149 or $249* when applicable. Home Delivery transport charge not included (Customers who live within 50 miles of our dealership in Katy, Texas can benefit from free car delivery).    *Not required by law.