Dealers & Exporters

Welcome Dealers and Exporters 

CarSquad advertised price is for retail customers registering their cars in the United States & Canada. Additional fees apply for exporters & dealers. If you are an exporter, or a dealer, CarSquad will be happy to help you with your transaction! However, we do have some different requirements regarding this scenario. If you are exporting the car out of the country, or are a dealer purchasing the vehicle for resale, there will be a $2,099 dealer fee in addition to the advertised price. Payment for the vehicle must be in the form of wire transfer only. After we receive your wire transfer, we will need you to sign the required paperwork. Paperwork must be signed by the person purchasing the vehicle. 

If you are coming into the dealership, please just stop by to sign your paperwork. If you are out of state/country and not able to come into the dealership, we will gladly mail you the paperwork via Federal Express which includes an additional $100.00 domestic or $200.00 international Fed-Ex mailing charge. Once the paperwork is signed, returned and received by CarSquad, then your vehicle will be ready for pick up. All export vehicles must be picked up by a carrier/transporter. Transportation receipt is needed to pick up vehicle. A dealer will also need to provide proof of insurance, copy of dealer's license, sales tax resale certificate and then you are good to go.