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"I called CarSquad after I had my fender bender. They came out to my apartment, looked at the damage and said that my insurance should cover the damage. They were right! Less than 5 hours later I had a new bumper installed and they were done! CarSquad, you rock! - June

"I'm too busy to take my car to a dealership or a specialty shop and leave it there for several days to a week, rent a car, and pay out of pocket for things like hail damage, a scratch or just a touch-up on my car. CarSquad came to my place of work and completed the job during the day. When I came out to get my car at the end of the day, I could see the results and the job was done! I recommend CarSquad to anyone who has a busy life, and that's everyone, right?" - Bill

"I run a busy dealership garage. Even with all the work that I have to coordinate amongst my mechanics, I still use CarSquad for certain things. We were so impressed with them we have them do all of our small dent repair and headlight restoration." - Charlie

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