Car Squad | Consulting Services
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Consulting Services

With over 25 years experience in the Federal Government Contracting world Car Squad offer’s CRADLE to GRAVE consulting
services to Federal Government Agencies, Current Defense Contractor’s and for the General Public who are new to Federal Government Contracting.

Car Squad also specializes in working with firms or individuals currently seeking or conducting business with the federal government agencies that are increasingly subject to federal accounting and contracting rules. Our narrow focus allows us to:

  • Thoroughly master issues affecting government contractors
  • Apply solutions that have proven effective
  • Assemble a network of over 50 cost, pricing and contracting specialists

Our range of services is intended to:

  • Getting SETUP to be able to Bid on Federal Contracts
  • Diagnose and fix accounting problems before the government can assert a negative opinion
  • Design the ideal method for each firm to price its proposals
  • Allocate indirect costs to government projects
  • Settle adverse government findings as quickly as possible
  • Prepare required submittals to maximize cost recovery
  • Audit subcontractors
  • Provide expert testimony
  • Educate company personnel
  • How to Buy And Resell to the Federal Government even from your Home Based Business
  • Invoicing IRAPT
  • Passing Final Inspections
  • Military Packaging